Healthcare Consultant Job Description


What is a Healthcare Consultant?

Healthcare consultants have the important role of helping healthcare organisations to perform in the best way possible. Experts in all things related to policies, regulations and laws, healthcare consultants are pivotal to the success of health-related organisations. They support organisations through strategy-based advice to solve current problems, reach new goals, and provide insights to guide transformational company changes. 

Healthcare Consultant Salary Expectations 

The salary potential as a healthcare consultant is dependent on various factors, such as experience and expertise, however, they can vary from £30,000 to £120,000. In the UK specifically though, the average earning is around £80,000.

Healthcare Consultant Job Overview 

As a healthcare consultant, you will be well-respected, as it is a role that can only be done with a good level of expertise. Your knowledge of the healthcare sector will guide you as you conduct in-depth research. Being a healthcare consultant entails both analytical and interpersonal skills, offering a great opportunity for someone who is passionate about the healthcare sector and want to share their knowledge on how to improve it. A requirement is that you will need to analyse multiple complex factors, such as stakeholder needs and scientific data, as well as studying the competitors of your client’s organisation. 

Responsibilities for Healthcare Consultant 

Discover what you would be responsible for as a Healthcare Consultant:

  • Share expertise on industry trends to guide organisations through important decisions

  • Use your strong interpersonal skills to ensure good relationships between the organisation and stakeholders

  • Write and present reports that are industry specific 

  • Be able to work under pressure and commit to tight deadlines 

  • Create business plans for clients 

  • Present proficiency with computers and healthcare applications

    Qualifications for Healthcare Consultant 

    To begin in this competitive role, you will need to have completed at least a bachelor's degree in a relevant field such as medical, science or business. A lot of employers will also expect a master’s degree, for example, an MSc (Master of Science) in Health Management if you are aiming for a client facing role.

    If you want to be in the higher earning categories of the field, gaining expert knowledge through a PhD will set you even further ahead, especially since you will have the ability to offer a scientifically informed business strategy. 

    Experience and Skills for Healthcare Consultant 

    These skills and experiences are essential for an established Healthcare Consultant looking for a new role:

    • Alongside your degree, you will be expected to have gained experience, as is often required for most healthcare centred degrees. But any further voluntary experience is also valuable.
    • You will need to be competent with computers and healthcare applications.  
    • You will need to keep up to date with current healthcare literature.
    • Present strong skills in analysis and presentation.
    • Be able to communicate well verbally and in written form to people from different backgrounds. 

    Healthcare Consultant Interview Questions

    • Would you consider analysing data or information a strength of yours? If so please provide an example. 

    • What do you believe is critical to ensuring your company was compliant with all laws, regulations and standards that were related to your area of responsibility?

    • Tell us an example of when you identified a complex problem and implemented a solution after deeply evaluating all options. How did this ultimately benefit your employer?

    • Have your ethics ever been tested in your role? 

    • What do you feel is the most challenging aspect of budgeting? 

    • How did you gain the maturity to become a consultant? 

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