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At Ascent Professional Services we connect businesses with the best Financial Services Consultants. If you want to progress your career as a financial services consultant, you can learn more about what a financial services consultant does, the qualifications and skills required to be one and how they have a positive impact on businesses they work for. 

What is a Financial Services Consultant? 

A Financial Services Consultant helps and advises clients on how to best manage their finances and assets. Financial services consultants are also referred to as financial advisors and may also hold a chartership, which will allow them to be called chartered financial consultants.

Financial Services Consultant Salary Expectations

Being a financial services consultant can be a very lucrative career path, as companies and individuals greatly value advice on how to better manage and future proof their finances. In the UK, the average salary for a financial services consultant is around £35,000, however, this will increase dramatically based on experience and if chartership is obtained.

Financial Services Consultant Job Overview

Financial services consultants work closely with clients in advising them on how to manage their wealth and finances. They will conduct a financial audit at the start of a new client relationship, and assess multiple factors such as income, outgoings, debts and capital. Financial services consultants also offer specialised advice and recommendations with regards to key life events such as marriage and retirement and how this will affect their finances. Furthermore, financial services consultants may also suggest potential investments that their clients can make in order to grow their assets.

Responsibilities for Financial Services Consultants 

Financial services consultants are expected to conduct an extensive overview of a client’s financial situation in order to effectively advise them on their next steps. See below for a list of other responsibilities for a financial services consultant:  

  • Develop and implement financial strategies

  • Maintain excellent client relationships 

  • Manage client accounts and update them according to client life events 

  • Provide insights to clients on how they can improve their investments 

  • Stay abreast of economic trends and financial conditions

  • Research potential investments for clients

  • Comply with all policies and regulations 

Qualifications for a Financial Services Consultant

It is possible to become a financial services consultant without a degree and lots of relevant experience. Degree qualifications in all subjects are welcomed, but the following areas are most beneficial for a career as a financial services consultant: 

  • Accounting 

  • Business management 

  • Finance or a finance related subject 

It is also advantageous to be certified as a Financial Planner or licensed with Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA).

Experience and Skills for a Financial Services Consultant 

  • Excellent communication skills for liaising with clients

  • Strong analytical skills 

  • Comfortable with handling quantitative data

  • Knowledge and experience of the financial sector

  • Strong business acumen 

  • Motivation to stay up to date with financial trends 

  • Excellent time management skills

  • Multi-tasking with multiple client accounts 

Financial Services Consultant interview questions

  • Tell me more about yourself. Are there any areas of your CV you would like to discuss?

  • Describe your most challenging project.

  • Describe a time that you displayed leadership.

  • What is the financial trend you are most excited about? How would you explain this to a potential client? 

  • What experience have you gained in finance which has led you to consulting?

  • How would you react if a business stakeholder told you they were unsure of your recommendations.

  • Describe a time you overcame a challenging situation.

  • How would you make this business more profitable?

  • Explain how you would plan a financial strategy.

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