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10 Consultant Interview Tips For Management Consultants

Interviews can be nerve-wracking, but its also your chance to shine out from the competition. In this Video Simon takes us through his 10 key interview tips for consultancy roles.

The Video

“10 key interview tips for consultants” Video Transcription

Hi I'm Simon from Ascent, these are our 10 key interview tips for consulting interviews.

So, number one: research the company and find some unique answers to why you want to join. Reason being you will show how committed you are to join that company [in particular].

Number two: read the background of the person you're meeting on LinkedIn, find some common ground and ways to build rapport with that person. For example, you might have gone on to the same university, you might both love rugby, something like that.

Number three: make sure you talk concisely about the experience that you have on your CV. Take time to listen to the questions that you have been asked and come back with concise, well-structured answers. Submit your resume to Ascent Professional Services so we can help you on your journey to your next role.

Number four: be enthusiastic. One of the most common reasons that someone fails an interview is because they have not expressed enough enthusiasm, even when they are really keen on the company. Equally it can make a difference if you don't quite nail certain other areas of the interview and if you have proved to the company that you are really enthusiastic about joining.

Number five: read the Job Description, go through the points in the Job Description, match them up with your CV and, when describing your projects or experience, match those two things together [this will help you to] come across as a good candidate.

Number six: Have answers to common questions about your strengths weaknesses, biggest achievements and challenging situations. For example, tell me a time when you've had a challenging situation with a client [you have actually worked with].

Number seven: ask good questions throughout. Don't ask about a holiday allowance, ask how high achievers progress quickly within the firm and how you can achieve the same.

Number eight: dress appropriately. Dress appropriately to the company, but if you're not sure it's better to be overdressed than underdressed.

Number nine: make sure you know the format of the interview that you're going into. Will it be case studies? will they be brain teasers? is it just a standard fit interview? Ask your headhunter if you're not sure.

Number ten: Finally, post interview call your headhunter up straight after, give him your feedback, and then if appropriate send a thank you note to the person that you met.

Thanks very much, that's it for our 10 key tips for interviews. if you have any questions please reach out contact us via our website or on LinkedIn.

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