The Best 2019 Management Consulting Blogs

Blogs can be a great source of information to help you progress in your career, find clients, and do a better job. But it can be hard to find updated, relevant and useful sites. So, we’ve done it for you, scouring the internet for the best management consultancy blogs to follow in 2019. Here they are:

1. Steve Tobak

Steve Tobak is a strategy consultant, author, and speaker. He writes daily posts — some about consulting and business, others just give an entertaining perspective on the ‘going’s on’ in the world. Recent posts include:

  • Depression, Alcoholism and Drug Addiction Don’t Just Happen to ‘Them’
  • Marvel’s Stan Lee Taught Us the Power of Being Human
  • Liberal Bias in Silicon Valley? The Hell You Say!

2. Steve Shu Consulting

Steve Shu is the Managing Principal of a behavioural economics consultancy firm. He writes posts specifically for Management Consultant’s, amongst other topics. Recent posts include:

  • How Do Management Consultants Quickly Come Up To Speed On Projects?
  • One of the Best Ways to Market Yourself as a New Consultant
  • How Do Consultants Stay Organized Before Creating Client Deliverables?

3. Spencer Tom

This website contains information and advice on consulting and strategy from a number of contributors around the world. There’s also a consulting forum and free resources like ‘interview prep’, guidebooks and reports. Recent posts include:

  • Importance of Developing Soft Skills in Consulting
  • 5 Soft Skills that are Critical in Consulting Interviews
  • New Technologies in the Insurance Landscape

4. Consultant’s Mind

Written by John Kim, who teaches strategy at a top business school in the US, Consultant’s Mind is full of practical advice for consultant’s. There are posts on topics as diverse as storytelling, interview tips, and Microsoft Excel. For example:

  • Straight Talk: 30 Things I Told Aspiring Consultants Today
  • List of 800+ Planet Money Podcasts
  • Consultant’s Packing List

5. David A. Fields 

David A. Fields is a former big-firm marketer and consultant that now helps small consulting firms ‘accelerate growth, increase profit, and create lifestyle-friendly practices.’ He also publishes well-written, easy-to-read and informative blog posts. Here are a few examples of recent blog posts:

  • 7 Assumptions that Might Be Sabotaging Your Consulting Firm
  • How Ed Sheeran Will Make You a Wealthier Consultant
  • 5 Ways to Lavish Consulting Clients With Attention, Without Adding Work or Time

6. Jacq Hackett Consulting

Aimed mainly at solo consultants, the blog contains a lot of solid information about managing your business. For example:

  • Overcoming The Fear of Marketing Yourself
  • Managing Overwhelm
  • Selling to Government: Understand The Basic Rules of Engagement

So there you have it — the best Management Consulting blogs to follow, read, and use to your advantage in 2019!

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