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Is My Management Consultancy CV Too Short?

In our latest blog, Matt investigates and explains what makes a CV too short and then offers his advice for avoiding these pitfalls. So, get ready to learn what it takes to create the perfect length CV.

The Video

“Is Your CV Too Short?” Video Transcription

In another post, we’ve discussed what makes a CV too long, so now we’re going to look at what makes a CV too short. Looking at this particular CV, we can see that this candidate’s work experience is covered in only five lines. Now the person is only a junior and has only been working since 2014, but it should still be listed in a lot more detail rather than just a bullet point. In turn, not giving the client enough detail to make a reasonable call on your experience judging from your CV, so more information is essential.

Focus on the most important information first

Another thing which makes this CV interesting is that this candidate has focused half of their CV on just internships and work experience. The most important information is their most recent job, not their internships and work experience- swell as their achievements are but they haven’t been focused on in enough detail either. So, in this particular scenario, the ratio is all out. In a CV their experience in a job should cover at least 75-80% of the CV, not all the other information.

That’s it for today. We hope this helps but if you have any questions, be sure to contact us.

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