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Management Consulting At Oaklin Consulting

The Video

Introducing Oaklin Consulting

We recently got the chance to sit down with one of our long-standing clients, Oaklin, to talk about all things consulting and enjoy a fantastic presentation from Cat Young all about the firm and what they do.

We know that getting a glimpse at firms like this from the inside can offer valuable insight to anyone looking to move to a new consultancy role or break into the profession for the first time. With this in mind, we have put together a series of videos from Cat’s presentation to cover topics from what a management consultancy firm does, to how Cat got into her career and what its like working for Oaklin.

Cat’s Journey: Getting into Management Consulting

In this video Cat shares her personal journey to Oaklin and how she moved from a background in teaching into management consultancy. Cats route wasn’t a traditional one but, in a firm like Oaklin, having a broad range of experience in their consultants is a valuable asset.

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