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5 Job Searching Tips For Management Consultants

5 things you can do better than Boris in your consulting job search 

It’s a tough time in the job market for many at the moment and things can get overwhelming. We may not have control of much right now but here’s what we can do. 

Develop an Effective Track and Trace System

Whether you’ve been applying for a few or many jobs an EFFECTIVE tracker is a great way to control the spread of your applications and interviews.  

Knowing where you’ve applied, whom you’ve spoken to when you submitted, when and who you will be meeting for interviews are important!

You may not have control of your application but you can control this!

Be Clear, Concise & Consistent

Don’t overcomplicate, get your dates right! Make it easy to understand!

This applies for your CV/RESUME as well as your LinkedIn and other job-seeking platforms.

Make it clear what you do and when you’ve done it and that it’s relevant to the role you’re applying to.

Highlight your progression, add dates including months. 

Use the data to back it up! Be clear in what your responsibilities were, the size of teams and budgets you managed, the stakeholders you engaged with, the workstreams and projects you were personally responsible for.

2 pages are more than enough for a resume any more is not good!

Submit your CV to Ascent Professional Services so we can support you in finding your next role.

Don't' Ramble

This is for your resume and interviews – be articulate, practice how to describe your experience and the VALUE in what you have done and value you can potentially bring to the role and organisation.

Structure your answers – check out the STAR Interview Response Method 

Tell a relevant story, bring your experience to life, be engaging, bring enthusiasm and demonstrate a passion for what you do and the organisation – see what the companies’ values are and exhibit them in your answers and experience.

Unmask Your Achievements But Don't Blag

You aren’t the only one applying for that job and whilst you know you can do it you need to set yourself apart where you can, the first opportunity is your resume and then remind the interviewers why.

However, make sure you can back up what you are saying - whether it’s a skill set you possess or a skill you have been developing. 

When discussing a high salary increase in negotiations, do your market research and be prepared to explain your reasons/value-add to justify the said increase. Remember, recruiters are in an excellent position to give you an idea of the market and where your current salary/expectations sit. Ultimately recruiters make more money if you secure a higher salary, they are on your side!

Be Prepared - Speak with the Experts

Use your network (including recruiters) to gather information about the market, company, salaries, culture and timelines – the more information you have, the better you can manage your time and efforts.

If working with a recruiter ask for interview prep, provide feedback and ask for feedback. 

Make sure you have prepared for the interview!!! 

With so much information available, don't let yourself down by not researching and preparing. Know why you are meeting the company and make your motivations specific to that company and not that you are looking for any role. 

Good luck and hopefully, you can lock down that new role! 

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