Boutique Pharma/Healthcare Opportunity - Managers and Senior Managers

We are currently helping an established US pharma and healthcare boutique with their exciting early UK growth. 

The business is 170 people across Philadelphia and Boston and currently 10 in London, they plan to get to around 12 people in the UK by the end of 2020.

Types of projects include strategic planning, digital marketing, organisational design, product launch, process design and system implementation.

They are looking for enthusiastic, entrepreneurial, hands-on consultants who are passionate about delivering fantastic work to clients, as well as helping the business grow and establish themselves in the UK. They are currently leveraging existing global clients so have no shortage of UK work.

Their culture is key to their business strategy. They are a very tight knit group and offer flexible working from home and generally spend no more than a couple of days a week on client site. There is no pressure to work on a project that doesn’t excite you or in a location that you don’t want to travel to.

If you are a manager or senior manager with management consulting experience and a passion for healthcare and life-sciences then please get in touch to learn more.


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