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Which Recruiter Interview Questions Should You Ask In Management Consultancy Interview?

The DO’s & DON’Ts of an Interview Process

When you are trying to attract and retain the highest calibre candidates for your firm, make sure not to overlook your interview process, as it is a crucial component. During the recruitment process, you are selling your firm to the candidate as much as they are selling their skill set to you. The first impression you give off is often the deciding factor so it needs to make an impact.

It is important to make yourself as attractive as possible to these high calibre candidates as they have a savvy knowledge of the market and will compare their experience during the process to your competitors. 

Here are a few key Do’s and Don’ts. 


  • Have a clear recruitment process that is outlined to the candidate at the outset 
  • Prepare your interviewers so that they are all aware of the next stages when interviewing each candidate
  • Choose your interviewers wisely – who is the most adept at selling your company?
  • Make it personal - add a peer drinks round or an informal coffee chat, this is a much more accurate way to assess a good cultural fit.


  • Have the same process for all levels – it should be bespoke pending their grade
  • Use quantitative assessments on senior candidates- this is not the best way to assess their capabilities, a personality assessment such as Gallup is more fitting
  • Alter the process throughout – this creates uncertainty and doubt
  • Take more than 3 days to give feedback – time kills deals and can leave candidates feeling unwanted
  • Repeat the same questions throughout the process, each stage should be assessing different capabilities

An Ideal Process

Round 1: Informal interview cultural fit (ideally someone senior) – pre-screen with HR optional

Round 2Technical interview with a “case-study” ideally on a recent project – can they do the job they are applying for?

Round 3: Leadership Interview – sell the firm/vision, progression, clarity on role, address any concerns they may have

Round 4: Peer-to-peer chat (lunch, drinks, etc…) – what’s it actually like to work there?

Bonus round: Do you know how long a management consultancy interview should be?

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