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At Ascent Professional Services we connect businesses with the best Government Consultants. If you want to progress your career as a government consultant, you can learn more about what a government consultant does, the qualifications and skills required to be one and how they have a positive impact on businesses they work for.

What is a Government Consultant?

Government consultants are vital in advising a wide variety of governmental divisions how they can best improve the services they offer and the efficiency in which they are run. As well as offering advice directly to governmental departments, government consultants also work with other government affiliated organizations, such as agencies. 

Government Consultant Salary Expectations

Government consultants are highly sought after, due to their in-depth knowledge of a specific field or industry, and their ability to advise on a wide range of crucial areas, such as security measures and assignment of resources. On average, a government consultant can expect to earn upwards of $52,000, which will increase depending on experience.

Government Consultant Job Overview

The role of a government consultant is a complex and multi-faceted job that relies on an understanding of governmental practices and procedures. Government consultants are specialists in their chosen field or industry, and employ their knowledge and experience in a variety of ways. A truly varied and diverse career path, government consultants are expected to provide focused advice on a number of issues. For example, they may investigate how to better run government services, and gather and analyze large amounts of data to determine the solution to a problem. 

Responsibilities for Government Consultants 

  • Conduct research and collect data, then analyse their findings

  • Develop strategies to improve efficiency in government services

  • Evaluate the use of resources and present them to the client 

  • Predict outcomes of pursued actions and suggest alternative possibilities 

  • Suggest structural changes and help implement change management

  • Make recommendations for new systems, practices and procedures to be implemented

  • Be skilled in conducting quantitative research 

  • Efficiently manage the project from initiation to completion

Qualifications for a government consultant 

Government consultancy is accessible to graduates with any bachelor’s degree, although some more advanced opportunities may also require a master’s degree or even a doctorate.

Most government consultants start out their careers as management consultants, before specializing in a specific field or industry in the governmental sphere. 

For anyone looking to pursue a career in Government Consulting, we recommend the following subjects:

  • Business

  • Economics

  • Mathematics

  • Science (Physics / Chemistry / Biology)

  • Accounting

  • Finance

  • Management

  • Engineering

  • International Relations

  • Philosophy, Politics and Economics

Experience and Skills for a Government Consultant 

  • University degree

  • In-depth knowledge of a specific field 

  • Excellent interpersonal skills in order to present findings in a clear manner 

  • Strategic and analytical thinker 

  • Capable of working independently and effectively in a group 

  • Strong political and business acumen 

  • Experience of working in the public sector 

Government consultant interview questions 

  • Tell me more about yourself. Are there any areas of your CV you would like to discuss?

  • What value can you add to our organization in addition to your knowledge and expertise?

  • Describe your most challenging project.

  • Describe a time that you displayed leadership.

  • How would you improve performance in our business?

  • Why do you want to become a consultant in the governmental sphere?

  • What are your suggestions to make project X more efficient?

  • What is your most important leadership experience to date? What have you learned from that experience and how has it impacted your development as a leader?

  • What is one of the first challenges you would like to tackle in this sector? Why is that, and how would you address this?

  • Describe a time you overcame a challenging situation.

  • How would you make XYZ services more profitable?

  • How did you gain the maturity to become a consultant?

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