Life Sciences Consultant Job Description


What is a Life Sciences Consultant?

A life science consultant is responsible for using their expert knowledge to advise companies on products and devices in fields such as biotechnology or pharmaceuticals. Life science consultants will need to be constantly up to date with the latest findings in science and advise their clients accordingly. 

Life Sciences Consultant Average Salary Expectations 

The average salary for a life sciences consultant is dependent on where you work and your level of expertise. The average salary rate is around £40,000-£50,000. 

Life Sciences Consultant Job Overview 

As a life science consultant, you will be focused on developing your clients business and delivering solutions to current problems. Taking a vital role in the advisory process regarding anything that relates to governmental regulations or market dynamics, you will use your expertise to ensure that your client’s company is acting legally and effectively. You would then help build strategies for how to better the business, including suggestions around restructuring and what your client should be focusing on. 

Responsibilities for Life Sciences Consultant 

Discover what you would be responsible for as a Life Sciences Consultant:

  • Investigating other businesses for your client before signing contracts with them

  • Conduct market research with physicians and payers

  • Identify weakness and patterns within your client’s business and develop creative solutions

  • Use your strong interpersonal skills to ensure good client and team relationships

  • Project management 

  • Stay up to date with advances in the medical field through writing engagements and community activities. 

  • Make recommendations for new systems, practices and procedures to be implemented

  • Advise the business or continue to work with the business to support the implementation of suggested and recommended activities to improve business performance

Qualifications for Life Sciences Consultant 

To start a career as a Life Sciences Consultant you will need to have completed a BSc or BA degree in a subject relating to Science, Health, or Business. It is preferable that you attain a masters or PHD, as you will be able to specialise more effectively. 

Experience and Skills for Life Sciences Consultant 

The skills and experiences listed below are essential for an established Life Sciences Consultant looking for a new role:

  • A creative mindset to offer simple solutions to complicated issues

  • Strong communication skills 

  • Experience in developing proposals to successfully sell business solutions to clients

  • Proven success in client account growth 

  • Creative problem solver

  • Experience in creating new business opportunities and expansion 

  • Strong self-awareness and dedication to continual improvement 

  • The ability to coach and mentor junior consultants when necessary

  • Be strong at conducting quantitative research 

Life Sciences Consultant Interview Questions

  • Can you provide examples of new business you won recently?

  • Why do you want to use your knowledge and experience to become a life sciences consultant?

  • What is the most recent biotech trend you are interested in? 

  • How do you keep abreast of current life sciences issues in your spare time/

  • Can you provide a case study of when you optimized revenue?

  • How did your undergraduate degree prepare you for this role?

  • What do you feel is the most challenging aspect of t budgeting? 

  • How did you gain the maturity to become a consultant? 

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