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Advantages Of Using A Management Consultancy Headhunter

We get asked on a regular basis what advantages there are to using a headhunter.  From guidance on interviews and negotiation for candidates to saving time and money for businesses looking to recruit hard-to-find talent, the expertise available from working with a professional headhunter can be highly valuable. In this video, Matt discusses when it’s time to partner up with a firm like Ascent and the benefits of doing so.

The Video

“Why Use a Headhunter?” Video Transcription

"Today I'm going to talk to you about why should you use a headhunter. It's a question I do get asked a lot and we'll do this from a candidate and the client perspective. One thing I will say right to being with is that you don't need to use a headhunter. Try and exhaust your own personal networks your Linkedin, your social media, however, once that's exhausted, it's time to find a partner to work with to give you access to the hidden talent.

Do remember that it's our job 24/7. We do this continuously for both our clients and our candidates."

Reasons to Use a Headhunter if You’re Looking For a Job

"The first thing from a candidate perspective is we can give you expert guidance and prep on the interviews. Anything from example competency questions, to case studies, to the do's and don'ts and the personalities of the people you'll remain meeting. It really adds value to use us in this instance.

A critical [reason to use us] is that often businesses don't advertise or are just simply unheard of, so we can get you access to hidden roles.

Speed. We are motivated by making deals and we are expert chasers, so with the relationships, we have with our clients we can absolutely streamline the process and make it quick, or alternatively if you want to make it slowly and we can also manage our clients effectively. It's what suits your needs.

Negotiation. clearly one of our key jobs is to get you the best deal possible and we can also negotiate things like sign-on bonuses and early bonuses based on your performance during the rest of the year.

Being honest and unbiased. We've worked with loads of our clients for many years and we can be honest saying which one's right for you and which ones are not right for you."

Reasons To Use a Headhunter If You’re Looking to Recruit

"A question I get asked a lot by our clients is 'why should we use you?', so let's look at why to use a headhunter from a client perspective.

These first two points are actually linked together. We save you time and we save you money. Whilst at the end of the process you may see a fee from us and think it's large, [however] when you take into account the labour hours we are actually most of the time a lot cheaper.

We vet all our candidates and, assuming we've got a good understanding of your business, we will provide you with higher calibre candidates. it's all about quality over quantity with us.

Also, [we can give you] advice on your internal interview process and we can give you advice on what other clients use, what candidates say, and promote your business well. Not all clients have a good and efficient interview process, so that's certainly something where we can add value.

Something really important, especially from the smaller boutique businesses, is promoting your brand and getting you access to candidates who simply haven't heard of your business when you're growing. This can be a key differentiator and help you attract key talent.

We do this every day 24/7. it matters to us so why don't you use us to find candidates for your business?

I hope that's answered some of your questions [on why you should use a headhunter] and been useful. If you'd like to find out more information, you can contact us or visit our about us page to see our LinkedIn profiles and you can get reach to us from there."

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