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As someone who has recently changed career, it is always interesting to reflect on your personal journey, and how you have ended up where you are. I would consider my route to be somewhat unconventional, having come into a role in recruitment after working as deputy manager at a sports centre, but after looking at it more closely and especially the skills I obtained, it was more logical than one might think.

I graduated from the University of Southampton with a History degree, and like many fellow students, I did not have a clear idea of what type of career I wanted to pursue. I was however desperate to start my working life regardless, and after working at Rocks Lane Multi Sports Centre on and off since about the age of 14, I felt it would not hurt to ask if there was any work available. Initially I started on a part-time basis, but after a few months, a full-time role opened up and was offered to me, and I duly accepted. It was in this role where I developed a lot of the skills which I require for my current occupation, and for life in general. Responsibilities I had included: growing the football programme, answering the phone to customers, and organising tournaments. Between these roles, I gained more expertise in: problem solving, meeting deadlines, remaining calm under pressure, developing an articulate phone manner, my computer skills, using a database, and in general communicating with people from a variety of backgrounds. These are all skills essential to my current role, and therefore I am grateful to Rocks Lane for giving me the opportunity to harness these skills. The flexibility of the job also allowed me to undertake some travelling, including trips to Vietnam and Brazil, which were unforgettable experiences.

Within my current role as a headhunter, great communication is arguably the most important skill required to do the job efficiently. This involves messaging candidates and clients, speaking to them on the phone, and in person. With talking to candidates, this comes in the form of effectively relaying the job description to them, passing on more details if they are interested, gaining relevant information from them, arranging times they can speak with the client, and being in touch throughout the entire interview process. We are here to help candidates as much as we possibly can, and this is only possible by being in constant contact, and by helping them with any issues they may have. There is also communication with clients, such as receiving information about the roles they are looking to fill, and information back and forth on when they can interview candidates, and how they would like to proceed with them. Of course, by having deadlines to meet from both candidates and clients for when they can speak with one another, our communication in between them both and how we relay it back is vital for a smooth and positive process. This was a vital part of my role at Rocks Lane by dealing with customers and more senior members of staff, and one that I have taken into recruitment.

Rocks Lane was never intended to be a role for the long term, but in the two years I was there, it helped me immensely. Again, the recruitment industry was not a move I planned much in advance. It was an opportunity that presented itself, and I was very excited to accept the challenge. The idea of moving out of my comfort zone and challenging myself is what I always drive towards, and I have now found the perfect environment to keep pushing myself and improve my skills even further.

The point I really wanted to convey is that it is normal to not have your whole life planned out, especially straight after finishing university, but what is important is to not just sit and wait for the perfect job to just present itself. It may take some time, but you must keep challenging yourself, and to harness your skills in any working environment, as you will then be much more prepared for when the right opportunity does come along.

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