My First Two Months Working in Recruitment

After graduating from Imperial College London with a Biochemistry degree I decided to do the logical thing… start a job as a head-hunter for a recruitment agency specialising in Management Consultancy.

Straight off the bat I was pleased to have joined with another guy, also new to recruitment, which was great for several reasons; not having to be the only new face in the office as well as adding a little bit of friendly competition. We were immediately thrown into the deep end on the first day, searching for and cold calling potential candidates, allowing me the opportunity to overcome any potential mental barriers immediately. This set the tone for the entirety of my time so far as I find myself in a fast-paced, meritocratic environment.

A significant portion of my day consists of head-hunting candidates on LinkedIn as well as trawling the database in order to source the best talent for our clients, which spans across a variety sectors and functions  Additionally, candidate cold and warm calling is an essential part of the job, allowing us to assess culture fit as well as build rapport. These profile calls are essential in uncovering vital information such as current salary & expectations, motivations for leaving their current role and their future career ambitions. One of the most interesting aspects comes from the chance to meet candidates and clients from time to time. Having met the head of HR from The Berkeley Partnership really brought everything to life.

Overall, I feel I have settled in well and am starting to build momentum, having 13 people in my interview pipeline at the time of writing. My knowledge base has started to develop beyond just picking up on key buzz words that indicate sector and function, enabling me to really try to dig deep into the experience that each candidate has.

Despite this, recruitment comes with numerous challenges and frustrations that must be overcome in order to achieve long-term success. For example, not every day will be successful; some days are inevitably slower than others in terms of candidate response rate. Moreover, much of the placement of candidates is simply out of our hands due to the numerous external factors that exist e.g. how the candidate performs in interview, candidates pulling out, offer rejections and other job opportunities preferred by the candidate. On the other hand, some mornings come with an immediate boost: a CV out or a successful phone call can really set you up for the day and inject some extra motivation and confidence.

In essence, recruitment is by no means an easy pay day. However, the potential rewards are there for the taking and I believe a resolute mindset along with daily consistency will allow anyone to achieve their goals. I am pleased with what I have achieved in my first two months and am excited to keep honing all aspects of my game to not only deliver for the business but also for our great clients and the candidates that need us.

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